IKEA Features Sanctuary

Since I am clearly Obsessesed with Ikea, I thought they should know about me......
Click on this link to see their feature on the store!

Austin American Statesman features Sanctuary

Marques Harper of the Austin American Statesman just profiled our new fashion lines in the March 5 issue! This great photo was taken by Jerry Hughes of Artist Studio 12.... who worked like crazy to help me meet the deadline and takes amazing pictures.

New Headbands on Etsy!!

Dress of Less on Mix 94.7

Michelle Rodriguez is a stylist for the everyday woman who focuses on pulling together amazing outfits on a budget. She now has a show on mix 94.7, called Dress for Less. ( tuesdays at 4:20). On March 3rd she mentioned Sanctuary as a place to find great style on a budget and even gave away one of our popular peacock scarves to a lucky listener. We will begin a spring series in April where Michelle will show how to pull together a great outfit from Sanctuary for very little.
Michelle's Website: http://www.wellstyled.net/

Spreegirl Arrives To Sancuary, Austin Texas

If you are like me you occasionally come across something so fabulous you almost jump around with excitement. This was me when I first found Spreegirl a contemporary line of Bamboo lounge wear. First of all it is so cute that you can, and I definitely will, wear it out as clothes. Second of all its totally affordable... and did I say it is soft and comfy. Isn't it great when you find something that feels as good as it looks!