Baby Gingerbread

I will be the first to admit that I would be terrible at putting these tiny things together. I am not much of a details girl. But these things are pretty darn cute. Click the link above for directions and make them for me!

Modern, Cheeky or Natural Hostess Gifts

Holiday parties are probably taking all your spare time right now and every prepared little party goer has a stash of hostess gifts ready. Here are a couple of our faves....
Roost Birch Wine Cylinders For the Austin Nature Lover.
Cheeky Wine Bags and Coasters will get a laugh from die-hard beer drinkers and
can match the mood of all your wines.
Modern Folks will love these silicon wine tags and coasters. Reds wont stain them and you can even write on them with a pen and wipe it off.

Sunset Magazine Easy Dinners...

Inspired by the cold winter nights and the resolution to heat healthier and actually cook, Ive got my recipes for the week. Mixed with a super packed salad and we are set! and healthy!!

Rustic dining style inspiration from Living Etc.

My Friend Steph is dying for the perfect dining table for her new fabulous house redo, designed by Lindsey Arthur of PlayHouse
I was flipping through the Living, etc. site today and saw a few ideas that made me think of her and my future dining room as well!

Amy Atlas Pink Paradise

Amy Atlas must have had me in mind when she made this....
Did you see that the flowers are lollipops! So clever!

ENID designer Lara Collins Joins Sanctuary list of Top Designers

I just go these amazing leather necklaces in.... They are designed by Lara Collins who owns a beautiful store called Enid in Fredricksburg. I am dying to get out there and see it. Stop by a support a local if you are in the Fredricksburg area.

Ikea Couch Covers

Everyone knows how much I love Ikea, but when they stop making the covers for the couch I have, I do have a bone to pick. Fortunately a couple of new sites have a quick and not to expensive fix....

Imelda May.....My Idol

I was listening to NPR.. and fell in love with the voice of Imelda May. My new years resolution is to learn.... 1. the words of an entire song....2. how to sing that entire song in tune. Hopefully I can sing like her... ( I won't hold my breathe)
In the meantime, visit this talented singers website.

East Austin Studio Tour Find: Kanokwalee

Look what I found at the East Austin Studio Tour....exquisite
Kanokwalee's graphic scarves are my newest find at Sanctuary. These are amazing.