My Story Austin: Sanctuary.. Please vote for us

Hey Everyone!
We have been nominated by the FedEx Selection Committee to participate in a competition that FedEx + Me is hosting called “My Story: Austin.” This really cool program features some of Austin's hardest working small businnes owners and entrepreneurs. Youc an read about what each nominee loves about working and living in Austin.  The winner receives a 5,000 business grant.  Do you think we should win?  We do too!! :) Please click here to give us your vote! 

VOTE FOR SANCTUARY'S Owner, buyer and hardworking gal: Hanna Curran
1. Click here:
3. Click on the Facebook thumbs up next to Hanna Curran's name and photo.
 * It will ask that you log into your Facebook account to be able to count the vote, so please do  this when asked.

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