New linens! Set is hit sanctuary soon. Wonderful designs by Tikoli.

The Statesman!!!

Check out the statesman for a little clip on Sanctuary. I got so excited this morning I nearly crashed the car and then proceeded to maul my first customer with the Article. Melanie Spencer and Marques Harper... I love ya'll!!
Jonathon's Bench is on display in the article and it looks pretty darn fabulous if I say so myself!

All Things Austin Design: New Local Blog

All Things Austin Design: New Local Blog

Why Ikea Should Hire me

Baby changing table thank you very much! The perfect card holder for those of us with a brown thumb Why drink wine when you can wrap presents! Or drink the wine to make room for the wrap!
A month or so ago I was talking to my gal pal Steph and was soo excited about my upcoming trip to Ikea. There is just something about that store that I love. Perhaps its the fact that I could redo my house every year for nothing! I love the ridiculous carts that go in the wrong direction and the tiny portions of meatballs with loganberries, and even how it takes me an hour to figure how to put together a shelf. My heart races as I take the exit to the big blue and yellow sign!
So in addition to my ability to be their best infomercial, Ikea should hire me because my new store has two types of Items, those for sale and those from Ikea. If Only I had Ikea stock! So Ikea if you are listening, put in your commercials.... I'll eat a million cinnamon rolls with a smile as I discuss the benefits of turning a wine rack in to a wrapping paper station!

decor8: Sanctuary {Austin}

decor8: Sanctuary {Austin}

Austin Tidbits - Genie in a Bottle [Shop]

Sanctuary is on Austin tidbits!!! I love it!! Austin Tidbits - Genie in a Bottle [Shop]: "Genie in a Bottle July 15, 2008 Shop Send to friend Add to Favorites Print this Tidbit Scenario: You find the illusive magic lantern, close your eyes, give it a good rub, and make your three wishes: health, wealth and happiness. Open your eyes, girlfriend, because your wishes are granted. Sanctuary, Westlake’s newest home away from heaven, fulfills every wish on your list. This new IT boutique carries every item that you’ve ever coveted. Cozy, organic loungewear, one-of-a-kind locally designed jewelry, minimalist artwork and unique accessories for home, bath and garden. Inspiring and inviting, this shop will be your new happy place. What more could you wish for? Sanctuary 3663 Bee Caves Road Westlake Hills, TX 78746 512.329.0507 Enjoy a mid-week indulgence during the Sanctuary Happy Hour tomorrow, Wednesday, July 16, from 6 – 8 p.m. Feast on decadent Mary Louise Butters Brownies, enjoy a wine tasting and complimentary chair massages. The ladies from Peach Body Boutique will also be showing off their Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tanning services."

My Favourite Outdoor Designer

pictures by
My favourite thing about Austin is the talent that defines this cool city. Everywhere I go I meet an actor, writer, musician, blogger, artist, architect, designer. Everyone is so open to new ideas and very supportive.
One of the most talented people I have ever met is my buddy Jonathon Duke. He just started a great company, Austin Outdoor Studio, and I have a feeling I will be saying I knew him when. He even created my fabulous little botanical logo!
Check out his bench and planter, currently in the store and go on his website.

Inspired gift baskets

I love putting fabulous things together! There is something so exciting about putting three of your favourite gifts in a little wooden bowl! It is so fun to match the colors, add something here, take it away add another little thing, until its just perfect!

Happy Hour pictures

Sanctuary Summer Happy Hour

With scrumptious summer appetizers, champagne and sangria the first Sanctuary Happy Hour was a success. Friends, family and designers joined to toast the opening of the hippest gift boutique in Westlake. Be sure to check in for weekly parties, happy hours and trunk shows throughout the year. Wed, July 16th, Sanctuary and Peach Body Boutique will be teaming up for an indulgent mid week break, featuring wine, chocolate and spa services. All your favourite things!

I love Stationary!!!

There is nothing like an adorable set of cards. They are so clean, so perfect, so ready for me to fill out with a creative little note of Thanks! or Get Well! Not that I ever actually get these notes written. I usually love the cards so much that I end up framing them or just admiring them. Since I am more likely to turn the cards or wrap into art, I love to pick out the most detailed, unique cards I can find. Some of my favourites are Heidi, Nantaka Joy, and Herman Yu. Check out their fabulous designs.

Botanical Art

When I first saw LD Designs in the windows of a nearby boutique, I couldn't help but stop and stare. I immediately thought whoever this artist is, I was going to find her. A few weeks later I walked in to Lauren Dolinsky's studio, I wanted to touch everything. Twisted branches and soft mosses were everywhere as I tripped inside to find tiny Lauren, who is tiny and adorable, with huge sunglasses and pink streaks in her hair. Now I am thrilled to be showcasing some of her best work yet, including a line of Botanical in a Bottle, that are the perfect accent to a lonely wall. She also has big plans for the fall and winter, including a line of Christmas tree ornaments I can hardly wait for! Keep on eye out for this girl... I have a feeling I'm going to be saying..."I knew her when"

The store opens!

Why is it we hold ourselves back so much? Sanctuary is something I have wanted to do since....oh about 2002.... but every year I talked myself out of it. The risk was too high, it would be so much work, I don't know how to even go about getting a loan..... you know the story. Finally, on a three hour drive back from a friends wedding, my totally adorable husband told me to stop talking about about it and just do it. So I did. I came up with a business plan, got a loan, and headed out to market. Of course there are a lot more boring details and grueling hours at the computer I could mention, but I have to say this doesn't feel like a job. It feels awesome!